2020 Timetable

Tuesday 6:30pm - Slow Flow @ Frye Park Pavilion, Kelmscott

Wednesday 6:30pm - Vinyasa Flow @ Harrisdale Pavilion

Thursday 9;30am - Slow Flow @ Frye Park Pavilion, Kelmscott

Friday 9:30am - Slow  Flow @ Harrisdale Pavilion

Saturday 8am - Vinyasa Flow @ Roleystone Family Centre 

Vinyasa Flow

A sequence of flowing movements to lengthen the muscles, build strength and increase flexibility whilst linking breath synchronisation.

Includes various options to challenge yourself through a slightly faster paced yoga practice.

*Suitable for all levels

Slow Flow
Outdoor Yoga

A beautiful, slow practice that is perfect for learning the foundations of yoga or simply slowing down and enjoying general wellbeing within the body, mind & spirit.

Nestled in the gorgeous suburb of Roleystone, surrounded by trees and

the tweeting of birds.

This practice is a wonderful way to ground yourself and enjoy the benifits

of Vinyasa yoga as you connect movement with each breath of fresh air.

* Indoors when cold or wet

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